Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Personal Scrapbook

A while ago a friend asked me to make a small personal scrapbook for her sister. This is the front cover, with a sister quote and a framed B for Barbara.
The first internal page is all about her birth sign, Cancer. The hanging tags give details of famous people born under the sign of Cancer and the little trunk is filled with various pictures of the star sign. There is also details of birthstones, starstones, ruling planets etc.

The next page is all about the year she was born. There is a mini newspaper with major news events from that year, details of the No 1 single and album for the day she was born. The hanging tags mark world events in history which occurred on her birthday date. One of the little envelopes has a birthday card in and the other has a list of Oscar winners from the year she was born.
The next page shows name meanings for her and her partner, followed by a page about their children.

Then I did a family tree and a page with sister quotes.

I know the pictures are not very clear but they were taken a long time ago with my old camera.
There are all my favourite embellishments throughout this project and I really enjoyed doing it.
I will share more of these scrapbooks in the future.

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Chrissie said...

I have just discovered your beautiful blog. You are very talented and I just love the pretty things you have made. Very lovely.