Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Further adventures with the Loom of Doom :/

When I look back I can't quite believe the trauma I initially experienced with my pom-pom blanket was only March of this year (read the original post here). I did eventually finish the weaving and began knotting the cross-overs together...
unfortunately this took a lot longer than I thought it would as I had to take big big breaks to allow my blistered fingers to heal...

 but the back looked nice and neat when I finally finished tying the very last knot...

and then the snipping could begin...

oh boy, not even that was relaxing or therapeutic :/

I think by this stage I was so fraught with anguish I just wanted the dang thing finished!
When I snipped it off the frame I finally got some pleasure in this project - I smashed the frame to bits to discourage any thought of ever EVER attempting to carry out another pom-pom project!

This has been an intense project and my admiration goes to all those who make these blankets - you are brave people!  But in all of this (and the final stages when my sister helped with the last snippy bits) I persevered and finished it.  There have been other projects that have been easier and more enjoyable but never made it to fruition so I am, at least, glad I stuck with it.
So here it is, my finished pom-pom blanket:

. ...♥... .

Monday, 12 October 2015

Remember this...?

My Summer project back in 2011 was to strip down my very old dresser (you can see the original post HERE).  I did strip the bottom back to the bare wood, sand it and wax it but the shelves only ever got a basic strip.  The strange gothicness of the dark wood with the last of the paint clinging in a thin layer appealed to me and when I tried it on the base I never took it down again.  My intention was to have beautiful plates, jugs and china on display but a couple of jars of buttons crept in and before I knew it my dresser had become a button shop! (It's not actually a shop, but I do feel like I'm at a buttony pick 'n' mix when I'm looking for the right button :D)
So here is how it looks now...

I did manage to get some pretty pots on though :D
.. ♥..

On a separate catch up...
Remember this little set of drawers?  Well here is how they look now...
I painted them in an off-white emulsion

then used scrapbooking papers to decorate the drawer fronts

They still house our pens and pencils but in a much prettier way now.
. ...♥... .

Friday, 9 October 2015

Leather Books

Yesterday was a very happy crafting day :D
My son has wanted to make a Midori-style leather journal for a while now. When we were on holiday in September we found a marvellous fabric shop which sold some amazing pieces of leather, from tiny little bits right through to full hides and the colours on offer were great, too!  I was very restrained with my purchase and only selected a small thick piece of brown (I did let a fat quarter of grey reindeer printed cotton jump into my arms amongst other things).
So this is my first attempt at a Midori-style leather journal:
 I know the edges are supposed to be neat but I just love the shape of this and the flappy-ness of it so I'm keeping it this odd shape.  I think I need to stiffen the inside at some point but I doubt I'll use it (it's too nice!!) so there's no rush for that...

and following on from this I made these teeny tiny little leather covered books...

 just gorgeous with their elaborate silver corners on the front
 and their thick pages inside
and a ragged little leather pocket tag book...
 ...which is waiting for some dark tags to be conjured up for inside and a little bit of decoration
. ...♥... .