Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer project...

I've got a big project on the go this summer.  This old dresser is to be stripped back to the bare wood and then I'll either wax it or paint and distress it.  I'm going to see how long it takes me first!
Start small - the drawers:

 ...and after they've been stripped and had a good sanding...

 ...I'll work on the handles some other time.  I have been told that brown sauce is the thing to use to clean them up (although the first time I was told this years ago I didn't have any brown sauce and did wonder if Branston pickle would do the same job - apparently not!)
...and these are the shelves for the top of the dresser... pics of the dresser base yet but maybe next time...
. ...♥... .

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy Birthday Fabric Gift Tags

I've had my sewing machine roaring away again today.  I had cut and pinned these tags a few days ago so I really needed to finish them off.
Denim and pink gingham... gingham and denim... and beige gingham with red gingham panel...
...and brown gingham with floral panel... 

...all of which are now in my Folksy Shop ♥

...and lastly a few mixed tags just for myself...
. ...♥... .

Vintage Spoon Hooks

I've got a box full of vintage cutlery which is just begging to have something wonderful done with it.
Give me a hammer and a drill and I'm raring to go!
This is how I gave some pre-loved spoons a new lease of life:
 ...and I've now listed these hooks for sale in my Folksy Shop ...
  ...perfect for the kitchen for hanging an apron on!
  . ...♥... .

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Unbirthday Present

~Thanks to the wonderful Linzi for my fantastic unbirhtday presents.
The smell of these hearts is beautiful (I know I'm supposed to melt them in the teapot burner but they're so pretty and smell deliciously of jasmine that I'm happy with them out on my little pink glass cakestand at the moment)...
...and I love these teacup candles too...

...and this is the teapot burner...

...and I also got lots of other gifts too.
Thanks again Linzi, your generosity is greatly appreciated.
. ...♥... .

Monday, 18 July 2011

Unbirthday Swap

I joined in on the recent 'unbirthday' swap from the undomesticated scientist and here are some of the things I've parcelled up for Linzi.

This is my unbirthday card, made with tattered rose-print paper 
with dusky rose embellishments and pearl flowers...
and this is my box of chocolates, decorated with vellum and 
Laura Ashley print paper strips and a heart tag tied with organza ribbon...
...and these are little craft kits for Linzi's children.  
The reverse side of the envelopes are stamped with each child's name. 
The 'smellies' item proved a difficult one as Linzi makes such beautiful scented gifts (take a look here
so I went for something a little different and got these lovely scented flower seeds. 
. ...♥... .

Monday, 11 July 2011

New Home Card

Just a quick show of a 'New Home' card I made using green shimmer card...
...embellished with a little orange fairy door...

...on layers of cream card and green spotty paper...

...and a lovely lacy-edged cream paper insert.

. ...♥... .

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fabric Tags

I had an order for 50 fabric tags so got cracking with some lovely fabrics, cutting and pinning... florals, denim, checks and spots...
...then spent hours sewing them all together...
...then 'pinked' them into shape and shipped them out.
. ...♥... . ...♥... .
. ...♥... .

Saturday, 2 July 2011


and this is the card I made for my husband for his birthday...
...maybe not a masculine card but I love the basic frame card 
with it's lovely embossing like elaborate icing on a yummy cake...
...and the beautiful heart with a similar embossed edge, laid on a lace-print pink and white vellum.
. ...♥... .

Tom is 13!

a quick look at the card I made for my son as he enters his teenage years...
...I love the tiny bunting on this card!
. ...♥... .