Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Loom of Doom and some more relaxing therapy

'Come build a loom and make a pom-pom blanket' they said.  'It'll be nice, relaxing and therapeutic' I thought.
Oh boy!!
Mother Bear and Sister wanted to make pom-pom blankets and had shown me the links to video tutorials (there are vast numbers of them online, take a look for yourself if you fancy tackling this as a project) and caught me up in their enthusiasm.  Both Mother Bear and Sister built their own frames but I chose what I thought was the easy option and headed off to visit the lovely ladies in our local charity shop.  I emerged £2 lighter but two frames heavier.  Armed with my nails, hammer and a great deal of gusto I chuffed a fine walk to meet up with Sister and we headed off to Mother Bears house.
After spending far too long trying to work out the mathematics of my frame and where to nail the nails I got down to some serious hammering.
Once all the nails were in the frame (a fine job I made of it, even if I do say so myself) I was up and at the weaving of the base wool.  Ah, the relaxing therapeutic bit...
Oh my good giddy God in his striped pyjama's!!!  Relaxing? Therapeutic? Wobbly nails :( Hammered thumb :( and NEVER EVER try to weave on a nail loom in a knitted cardigan!  I think I wove more of my cardi than the actual wool in the first half hour!
Several hours later my loom looks like this...

...and now I'm out of wool so this project will have to wait.

So today I decided to make some more wallpaper envelopes.  I find this VERY relaxing.  I think it's the cutting and folding and sticking that soothes my soul (and after yesterday's shenanigans it needed a soothing!)... looks like my craft mat could do with a good scrub down but that's another day of a different kind therapy!
. ...♥... .

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Wallpaper envelopes? How very clever