Monday, 12 October 2015

Remember this...?

My Summer project back in 2011 was to strip down my very old dresser (you can see the original post HERE).  I did strip the bottom back to the bare wood, sand it and wax it but the shelves only ever got a basic strip.  The strange gothicness of the dark wood with the last of the paint clinging in a thin layer appealed to me and when I tried it on the base I never took it down again.  My intention was to have beautiful plates, jugs and china on display but a couple of jars of buttons crept in and before I knew it my dresser had become a button shop! (It's not actually a shop, but I do feel like I'm at a buttony pick 'n' mix when I'm looking for the right button :D)
So here is how it looks now...

I did manage to get some pretty pots on though :D
.. ♥..

On a separate catch up...
Remember this little set of drawers?  Well here is how they look now...
I painted them in an off-white emulsion

then used scrapbooking papers to decorate the drawer fronts

They still house our pens and pencils but in a much prettier way now.
. ...♥... .

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Pura Vida said...

very Rachel Ashwell! So pretty!